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Do you experience significant hip arthritis and pain that gets in the way of living? For patients with hip arthritis who are ready to get back to their active lifestyle, direct anterior hip replacement may be a fit for you.

At CORE Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, our doctors work to give you individualized care for your hips that will help you achieve comfortable and pain free movement.

How is direct anterior different from traditional hip replacement?

Innovation has brought about a more advanced and less invasive method for hip replacement surgery. Replacing a hip involves removing the arthritic portion of the hip bone and replacing it with an implant that mimics the hip joint’s movement.

In traditional hip replacement surgery, the surgeon operates from the side or back of the hip. In order to replace the joint, the surgeon needs to detach some muscles and tendons from the hip.

Direct anterior hip replacement uses a different approach, where the surgeon operates from the front of your hip joint, which does not require any muscles to be disrupted from their normal attachments. Your surgeon is able to work between the muscles of the hip to remove the necessary arthritic portions of the joint and properly position the components of your new hip.

What are the advantages of the direct anterior approach?

Because of the less invasive nature of the direct interior method and the fact that muscles are not required to be detached during the procedure, you can experience less muscle damage compared to the joint and tissue disturbance of traditional hip replacement. You can potentially experience a quicker recovery during the early recovery period after surgery.  Additionally, because no muscles are detached or reattached during the procedure, there are fewer post operative restrictions and no special braces or pillows that have to be worn by the patient after surgery, which are usually required after other types of approaches for hip replacement surgery.

Benefits include:

  • Walking the same day of surgery: After receiving direct anterior hip replacement, you may be able to walk again on the day of surgery under your doctor’s supervision.
  • Faster recovery: You may have a shorter hospital stay and after surgery.
  • Fewer restrictions: You can avoid some of the restrictions after traditional hip replacement surgery, such as not bending at the waist more than at a right angle, not crossing the legs, and other movement and rotation limitations.

With direct anterior you can have a more natural recovery and faster ability to restart activity than with traditional hip replacement methods.

What are the risks of the direct anterior approach?

All surgeries carry risk. Possible surgical complications of any hip surgery include blood loss and risks associated with general hip surgery, irritation or numbness around the incision, leg length discrepancy, dislocation, blood clots, and infection.

What are the next steps?

At CORE Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, our doctors work with you to find the treatment option to fit your unique hip needs. Our world-class team of doctors and therapists have the experience and training to help you get back to your best.

Start by calling (605) 336-2638 to schedule an appointment or schedule online.

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