Runner with injured ankle

It finally feels like spring! And that means more outdoor activities. Whether it’s hitting the trails to bike or run, catching some swings on the golf course or starting up with baseball or soccer, most athletes will endure some type of injury in their career.

Injuries are common in both children and adults and even the best of us can succumb to one over time. Prevention is key to get the most out of your body.

Here are some ideas for preventing injury:


You hear it all the time but drinking water is important before, during and after your workouts. Proper hydration keeps your body at peak performance and decreases the likelihood of cramping or poor form which can lead to injury.

Wear the right gear.

Before you hit the field, track or diamond, arm your body with the right gear. Protective pads and helmets are required in many sports but don’t assume a false sense of security just because you’re wearing your gear. Make sure all your gear fits properly and is in good working order.

Know your limits.

Take a break if needed. It is important to know when to push it and when to hold back. If you’ve suffered an injury, allow yourself to heal fully before returning to the game. Pushing your body to the limit is a part of training but equally important is listening to your body. Consult your trainer or coach to help determine the difference between peaking and risking an injury.

Stretch and warm up!

Warm up your joints and muscles before a rigorous workout. This is key to help prevent an injury. Conditioning your muscles and strength training exercises will also help to enhance performance and prevent injury.

Good nutrition

Feeding your body with the right balance of protein and carbohydrates will enhance your stamina. Maintaining a healthy diet consistently is important – don’t just practice proper nutrition on days you will be exercising. Vegetables, fruits and calcium will also promote your body’s overall health.

If you do get injured this season, seek treatment! We are here to help!

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